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Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Environment

Providing for Portland Families since 2008; Owl and the Dove is passionate about nurturing a sense of wonder in our Reggio, Montessori & Child inspired Environment. We connect your child with the Natural World; Teaching Peace, Sustainability, Adaptability, Intentional Living, Music, Mindfulness, Art, Nature Appreciation, Kindergarten Readiness, Essential Life Skills, and a Lifelong Love for Learning!

    We have two beautiful schools. Our Infant and Younger Toddler Community which is the feeder to our Older Toddler and Preschool age Community. 

   We are a  small community of families with the unique opportunity to work with children and families starting from ages 2 months, all the way to 5 years. This is an amazing  opportunity  to observe and understand each child's natural maturation process over the years and be able to provide parents with an idea of what is happening for their child now and what we will be seeing next, giving support and ideas in which to best support each child through their early childhood. Our morning teacher at the preschool, works the afternoons with the Infant Community and the Infant Community morning teacher then works the afternoons with the Preschool community. This offers a unique consistency of caregiving and opportunity for building relationships with their caregivers that spans our two inspiring spaces.


Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Environment

Owl and the Dove’s outdoor environment is a GOLD certified Backyard Habitat (a program of the Audubon Society of Portland and the Columbia Land Trust) This endorsement verifies our dedication to restoring and maintaining native wildlife habitats throughout our entire school property. We are committed to creating an environmentally healthy, therapeutic & restorative environment where we can connect the children in our care with the natural world on a daily basis.

We believe the environment is critically important for the optimum development of children. Owl and the Dove's founder and lead guide represent our nations in-home child care providers as the only child care providers representative on the 'National Eliminate Lead in Child Care Advisory Committee' due to her experience and commitment to environmental health of children. 

Every aspect of our environment is intentional with the health of the children and our planet as our primary concern as we make decisions about what will be in the environment . All soft furnishings; climbers, nap matts, mattresses, changing pads & toys, are made from a PVC free fabric (no vinyl) and polyurethane foam not treated with flame retardants. Urethane coated fabrics keep untreated padding dry and hygienic, a safe antimicrobial finish. Everything is Phthalate free, Chlorinated Tris free, fire retardant chemical free, lead & heavy-metal free. If something is even a suspected health hazard we will not purchase it or use it. 


Dedicated Staff

Outdoor Environment

Dedicated Staff

The adults in the environment are of utmost importance; they create the mood & energy in a space. They connect the infants and children with the environment by setting it up intentionally & thoughtfully, knowing when and how to support & extend learning.

Together, the teachers listen to friends conversations and take note on their true interests. We plan together and individually to enrich each child’s day while they are in our care. 

Becoming a teacher at Owl and the Dove means joining a close community of families and friends. We provide a safe and supportive workplace where teachers are trusted & respected. 

Our teachers are the heart & soul of the program, are shown appreciation verbally & financially. Owl and the Dove loves it's teachers and takes care of them! Full time teachers are eligible for benefits. Contact us to learn more about teaching opportunities at Owl and the Dove.


“…today we will try and take to the open sea, declaring

ourselves in a series of reflections and hypotheses that

come from new forms of research, culture, philosophy of

science…The most elementary approach and

substantially the most vital is one that gives us an idea of

ourselves as connected to and tied with the environment,

with nature, and with the cosmos…” 

-Loris Malaguzzi 1988

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Roseway Neighborhood - Infant/Younger Toddler Community

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