OWL and the DOVE


Owen & Cecily Craig

“The vulnerability you feel as a first time parent is hard to put into words. Our first child Neva started daycare at the tender age of 4 months old at a large Montessori school in NE Portland. Of the many teachers there, Teri immediately stood out in her interactions with the children, the parents and the other teachers in her wisdom, maturity, and loving nature. When she branched off on her own to start Owl and the Dove we flew the roost with her without hesitation. Teri quickly became family. We then naturally sent our son to Owl and the Dove as well. Teri loves our children, we are so grateful to her for helping us through our early years of parenting. All that aside, Teri makes me want to be a better person. Who else would we want guiding our children?”

Emily & Stacy Borke

“We truly feel that becoming a part of the Owl and the Dove community is the best decision we’ve made as parents so far.”     


Michelle & Corey Martin

“I firmly believe that my son’s life-confidence, communication skills, positive outlook and general happiness for school and life is and continues to be absolutely shaped by his days guided by Teri and her staff. Teri’s compassion and love for our son has enabled him to completely thrive, and has allowed my husband and I to be ourselves; first-time parents and all that comes with it. We are deeply satisfied in knowing that Teri gives our son the freedom to be himself, have concern for others, and for his environment. Without any hesitation I highly recommend Owl and the Dove.” 

Chifumi & Chris Brown

“Thank You Owl and the Dove for taking such great care of our son. It gave us great peace of mind to know that he was in good hands while we're at work. The teachers at Owl and the Dove invested in my son's natural curiosity, observed and understood his strength and area of growth. They taught him social skills and problem solving skills through daily experiences with the world around him. Our son became a child who cares about nature and animals, enjoys his interaction with friends and is excited to learn new things.  The quality time he has spent at Owl and the Dove has prepared our son to move on to the next step as a confident and caring human being.  He will treasure his time at Owl and the Dove for very long time.”

Erin Dixon & Drew Cattlin

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend  Owl and the Dove to any and all parents.  From the moment we met Teri and toured Owl and the Dove Bambini, we knew that it was a perfect fit for our son, Galileo, and we have been proven correct every day. During his time at school, Galileo has thrived: He has become both more independent and more social, and developed a host of new skills, including sign language! The high level of care from all teachers paired with the intimate environment and educational tools, diligently curated by Teri, are just incredible and we feel blessed to be a part of the Owl and the Dove family.

Joanna & Ike Martin

The imaginative space Teri has created has inspired us since day one and her continued dedication to creating wonder-filled experiences for our children impresses us. I love the attention to detail she pays to each moment with the children. She considers and respects them highly and fosters a staff that does the same. I can’t imagine a much more ideal environment than one where they are free to be themselves, have intimate relationships with animals and friends and express themselves with art and music daily!”

Lisa & Spencer Crandal 

In many ways we feel like we could not have become the parents we are without Owl and the Dove. Teri and her team nurtured and educated our kids for five years, while working collaboratively with us to learn about our children's individual needs, and strategies to meet them. They have thrived since graduation due to the solid foundation they developed at Owl and the Dove.